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At Social Robots, we are exploring new ways to connect people with technology to
reduce social isolation, loneliness and stress.



We are social connection innovators. Social Robots helps families and seniors who are in assisted living/ retirement homes stay connected when they can’t visit in person as often as they would like.

Visits with Mindy

Mindy and her Social Robot expert will give adult children peace of mind. We will share photos, stories and messages from family members to those living in retirement communities.  More info 


Enhance family connections


Reduce stress and upsets

Fun Happy

Create interesting and fun visits

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Social robots can’t work alone!

We are hiring tech-savvy people and training them to design new apps and demonstrate new ways to use robots to help solve some real challenges in our society.

million seniors (65+)
in Canada
baby boomers retire every week
retirement residences in Ontario and growing!

Meet Mindy and let us get to know a bit about you.

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