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Mindy means Love

Selecting a name for our first robot, was a bit like the heartfelt process that parents go through when naming their children. The meaning of the name was as important as:
i) liking the way it sounds,
ii) picking a name that would be easy to remember, and
iii) ensuring there were no negative memories or connotations associated with the chosen name.

Mindy is derived from the German name meaning “Love” and the Greek word meaning “Honey“. Mindy is also considered a short form of Melinda which means “Gentle“. All of these meanings seemed apropos to our social robot service. It is also a name that is easy to say and easy to remember.

Famous Mindys

Positive connotations for the name abound in our popular culture. People of a certain age may think that Mindy is simply a reference to the popular TV show “Mork & Mindy” starring Robin Williams and Pam Dawber (airing from 1978- 1982).  Mork was an ‘alien’ in the TV show, and Mindy was the ‘earthling’, so we would probably have named our robot Mork if we were using the TV show for inspiration.

Mork & MIndy photo
Image source:

Folks in the younger generations may think we were inspired to name our first robot Mindy in honour of actress, writer & comedienne Mindy Kaling who, with almost 12 million followers on Twitter, is famous, funny, powerful and smart – and who wouldn’t want to be all that?

Image Source: Mindy Kaling on “Today” on June 6, 2019. Zach Pagano / TODAY

What’s in a name?

At the end of the day, our founder picked a name that resonates across generations and is in keeping with the compassionate vision and loving spirit of the company. Visits with Mindy are intended to help families experience peace of mind through sharing stories with their senior family members. Mindy can help when family members can’t be there in person as often as they’d like. For more information on Mindy, please click to our Solutions page.


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