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Seasons Speaks a Virtual Series
Social Robots in Retirement Living

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the evolution of social robots for use in retirement living and long-term care facilities. For the first time, Lee shares the results of pilot studies in spring 2021. Plus, you will hear stories of the impact that Mindy had on residents.

Social Impact Podcast
Social Impact Advisors
Earlier this summer, Lee St James was interviewed by Lynn Fergusson, partner and co-founder of Social Impact Advisors.  This podcast was released on September 2, 2021. Lee shares the story...
Robot looking at the sunrise or sunset
Robot Sightings increase during COVID pandemic

Given increased risks to health care workers and surges in demand for ‘touchless’ and automated services, we are now experiencing exponential growth in demand for robotics.

Lee introducing Mindy in living room
Seniors need companionship and robots can help

“Social Isolation” was a problem for society before COVID19. We know that seniors need more companionship – robots can help.

Time for Social Cohesion during COVID

While everyone is doing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we must also do our part to reduce the risk of negative health outcomes associated with social isolation.

Family time
Family and Friends

Family Day prompts us to consider how to best help seniors keep in touch with their loved ones, their social circle, people who care – whether they are biological family, friends or other valued community members.

CES2020 collage of tech items
CES2020 Robot Report

We were excited to learn that “social robots” received a lot of attention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES2020)… geared towards… service, education and emotional care or support.

Young child enjoys meeting Mindy
Tech for All Ages

Mindy enjoys meeting people of all ages. When all the generations come together for family gatherings, it can be difficult to get the conversation flowing. That’s one of the ways that Social Robots can help!

Mindy means Love

Mindy is the name chosen for our first social robot. The name is derived from the German name meaning “Love” and the Greek word meaning “Honey”. Mindy is also considered a short form of Melinda which means “Gentle”.

Robot Looking for work
Robots are coming!

Ready or not, robots are coming. Are you concerned about a ‘jobless future’ as described by author Martin Ford? What will you do? Are you willing to engage with robots?… learn what they can do?… help make them better?