Our Story

Founded by Lee St James in 2019, Social Robots is a tech start-up specializing in using companion robots to support older adults. Her vision is to build Social Robots into a strategic partner to retirement homes. The goal is to help recreation leaders leverage technology to better engage, educate and entertain residents and help older adults to thrive.

Social Isolation

Lee saw first-hand the impact of social isolation on her father who was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia in 2018. At the time, she was commuting 3 hours per dayto and from her full time job in Toronto where she oversaw a team designing robot apps for banks and automotive.

Her parents were determined to ‘age at home’ and steadfastly refused to even visit any of the retirement homes in their area. Unable to see her father in person as often as she would like, Lee started researching the use of robots for elder care. She kept thinking “Robots must be able to help. Why hasn’t anyone figured this out yet?”

By late 2018, the burden of caregiving was taking its toll on their mother. Together with her sisters, they convinced her parents that it was time to move into assisted living. Despite showing an interest in the monthly activity calendar, her father continued to decline and isolate himself in their room. He didn’t want to participate in group activities or go to the dining room.

In September 2019, her dad was moved to a long-term care home and he passed away a few weeks later – just 14 months after his initial diagnosis.

Boy in baseball cap, black puppy being held by older male in sun glasses;2019 Lee's son and father who is holding their puppy.

Evolution of Social Robots

While companion robots have been around for decades, the rate of adoption in North America is far below that of Asia and Europe where the aging demographic trends and staff shortages have been more compelling.

Lee incorporated Social Robots in November 2019 and had just started a pilot test at Seasons Retirement Community in Milton, Ontario in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic swept across the globe. Since they were deemed non-essential visitors, the pilot test was postponed and Lee shifted her attention to conducting research and applying for grants.

In January 2021, she received a grant from the Oakville Community Foundation to conduct a pilot study in Halton region. That was followed by additional field testing with a Seasons Retirement Community (in Welland, Ontario) and three paid trial visits in the summer of 2021.

Seasons Speaks a Virtual Series

Click here to listen to the webinar hosted by Seasons in September 2021. Lee speaks about the evolution of social robots from robotic pets to humanoid technology options. She also presented some of the research highlights.

Pauline holding Bandit

It takes a Village…

Social Robots is an AGE-WELL NCE start-up affiliate and a client at Haltech Regional Innovation Centre, Altitude Accelerator and Innovation Factory.

Lee knows that her ambitious vision will take a large team of people to bring to reality. She is currently networking and looking for co-founders or strategic partners who share her vision and are willing to collaborate to grow and scale robots-as-a-service for retirement homes and assisted living facilities.

Join the Team

Social robots can’t work alone! 

We are looking for tech-savvy people to help us design new apps and demonstrate new ways to use robots to help solve the crisis of supporting the health and well-being of older adults in our society.