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Mindy likes to play games, sing, move and have simple conversations (using text to speech from a nearby tablet that is managed by the recreation staff member). She is engaging, educational and fun to be around!

The transition to living in a retirement residence can be stressful for all family members. Older adults may experience loneliness, boredom or social isolation. For the adult children it can be challenging to find time to visit in person or even to reach your parent(s) by phone.

Our solution is to create engaging social visits for your elder family members who live in retirement communities. With an android tablet on her chest, Mindy can play games (e.g. word choice, math, trivia, puzzles), sing songs and read audio books. Using a remote tablet managed by a staff member (or volunteer), she can move her arms, create fun facial expressions and have simple conversations (using text to speech).

In addition, Mindy, with the help of a robot handler, can share your messages, photos, videos and music.  Whether you live across town or across the globe, your family news and photos can be easily uploaded to a secure online folder.

Video Introduction to Mindy and Social Robots

Retirement Communities

Interested in booking a trial visit to introduce Mindy to your residents and their families?

We can schedule a visit with Mindy so people can get comfortable meeting her and see what she can do.

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Book a Trial

If you are interested in bringing Mindy into your residence, please contact us to set up a 3-day trial visit or to lease Mindy for a longer period (e.g. 4 weeks, 12 weeks).

We are currently offering a special 3-day trial for $250 plus shipping/delivery and HST. The 4-week lease is $1,000 and the 12 week lease is $2,500 (plus Shipping/Delivery + HST)

NOTE: All options include virtual training and tech support.

Family time

Family Members

If the retirement community where your parent(s) are living leases Mindy beyond an initial trial, we can help you learn how to share photos and messages with your loved ones using a private online folder.

Whether you live across town or across the globe, you can keep in touch easily with the help of a social robot like Mindy.

More questions? Please contact us by phone or email. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Family messages can already be shared using a tablet or smart phone. We believe that the robot’s human-like technology format will add to the excitement and social connection experienced by residents. However, we will be researching the impact of various technologies as part of our business roadmap.