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The transition to living in a retirement residence can be stressful for all family members. For the adult children it can be especially challenging to find time to visit in person or even to reach your parent(s) by phone.

Our solution is to create engaging social visits for your elder family members who live in retirement communities. Mindy, our friendly robot (always accompanied by a Social Robot expert), will visit weekly or bi-weekly to share your messages, photos, videos and music.  Whether you live across town or across the globe, your family news and photos can be easily uploaded to your secure online folder.

Mindy has an android tablet on her chest. Once she’s connected to the internet, we download your content and can share it with your family member(s). Mindy can also record videos and audio messages when we have our visit. You’ll get any messages from your family member uploaded to your folder within 24 hours.

Video Introduction to Mindy and Social Robots

Retirement Communities

Interested in hosting an information session to offer LoveMindy to your residents and their families?

We can schedule an on-site orientation and bring Mindy so people can get comfortable meeting her.

We’ll also host a webinar for those who can’t be there in person.

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How to Subscribe

Pricing options are based on weekly or bi-weekly visits, depending on what is chosen by your family and the retirement residence where your loved one is living.

We’ll send you a secure link to register but your credit card won’t be charged until we confirm the date of the first visit.

NOTE: We need a minimum of 5 families per residence and permission from the retirement community to allow us to begin regular visits.

Family time

Family Members

We’ll send you emails to remind you when a visit from Mindy is scheduled.

You can start uploading photos and stories to your online folder as soon as you’re registered.

We’ll send you a  report after each visit.

More questions? Please contact us by phone or email. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Family messages can also be shared using a tablet or laptop. We believe that the robot’s human-like technology format will add to the excitement and social experience for family members. However, we will be researching the impact of various technologies as part of our business roadmap. There are so many new robots being designed and various applications being launched – we look forward to sharing them with our customers when the time is right!