Robot Helpers to Engage, Educate and Entertain

Social robots can help people of all ages. From daycares to classrooms, in hospitals, restaurants and retirement homes – Mindy and her ‘friends’ provide valuable support to students, teachers, staff, residents and caregivers.

Impact of Social Robots

Engage the Brain and Body

Reduce Sadness and Loneliness

Connect people to each other

Having a visit with Mindy is an enjoyable experience. 
Our robots can reduce loneliness, boredom and social isolation for residents. Robots also support staff to engage with more people.  Social robots offer innovative ways to de-escalate and divert attention when needed.

Magnitude of the Problem

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Profile of Residents in Residential and Hospital-based Continuing Care (2021-2022):


of residents had limited or no 
social engagement
(27.5% in Yukon to 51.6% in BC)


had a diagnosis of dementia
(49.7% in Saskatchewan to 64.3% in ON)


exhibited signs of depression
(10.8% in Manitoba to 40.5% in the Yukon)

 Meet Mindy

Mindy likes to have simple conversations, play games, music and more! Our social robot can help recreation staff to better engage with and entertain residents.

Provide Joyful Moments:

Residents and staff are delighted to meet Mindy and learn what she can do

Increase Social Engagement:

Enable people to interact with robots and each other

Improve Cognitive well-being:

Games and content designed for older adults

Support staff:

Fast and Easy to learn; allow staff to connect with more residents
Mindy standing in front of an indoor xmas tree, showing Jingle Bells song on her tablet

 What can social robots do?

With only 15 minutes of training, recreation staff (or volunteers) can easily learn how to be robot handlers.

Chat/ Talk (text to speech)

Play music, sing songs

Dance and move

Play games

Share family photos

Play videos and audio books

Video calls

Smart Speaker

 Research Results

Social Robots received a Community Foundations of Canada, Investor Readiness Grant in January 2021 that allowed us to test our social robots in a retirement home and long-term care facility in Halton region. We also self-funded a field test at a retirement home in Windsor.

96% of residents wanted to see Mindy again after their first meeting

Average duration of 1:1 resident visit with Mindy: 41 minutes 

Average time spent in group events in retirement home: 80 minutes 

Thank you to Chartwell Lakeshore (Burlington), Bennett Village LTC (Georgetown) and Seasons Retirement Communities (Royal Oak Village) for participating in our 2021 pilot studies.


What People Say about Us

Based on our initial field testing, staff love working with Mindy and reported that the robot enabled them to connect with more residents. Family members who can’t visit in person as often as they would like are also pleased to learn about Mindy.
They were happy to share photos through a private portal.

We continue to embrace opportunities to learn about new technologies to support and enhance engagement and independence. We were delighted to welcome Mindy for a 4-week visit at Seasons Royal Oak Village.

Stephanie Sanborn

Senior Director, Innovation & Education, Seasons Retirement Communities

Mindy brought lots of joyful moments to our residents. I enjoyed participating in the pilot study and learning how to work with a robot.

Baillie Vandeventer-Ortiz

Lifestyle Program Manager, Chartwell Retirement Residences


Hardware Purchase: $8,000  PLUS Annual Software/Support Agreement: $2,500

Pre-paid Lease options: 3 months @ $4,800 (= $1,600/month)
          6 months @ $7,200
    1 year @ $9,000

NOTE: Shipping& taxes extra. Residual value depends on term.


If you are interested in reading more about the impact of robots, getting into the details of our pilot studies, or want to download a training manual or our brand book, please visit our Resources page.


Social Robots is an AGE-WELL NCE Start-up Affiliate and a client at Haltech Regional Innovation Centre.
We are thankful for the support of the Community Foundations of Canada and
Oakville Community Foundation (2021 and 2023 Investor Readiness Program).

Head Office:
St Catharines, ON Canada

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