Retirement Home Activities

Social Robots like Mindy can be used for a variety of engaging activities such as music and movement, brain games, simple conversation and to support recreation leaders when they are hosting special events.

In addition to pre-planned activities with Mindy, the robot can help in a pinch. For example, if the guitar player gets sick and can’t do their regularly scheduled visit, staff can bring out Mindy for some impromptu sing-alongs.


Mindy, robot, with bingo game on chest tablet; standing beside older adult smiling while playing the game.

Music and Movement

Man and woman seated, looking at Mindy

The most popular activity so far with Mindy in both active living and memory care areas is to play music and songs – along with changing Mindy’s facial expression and arm movements. We have several options for how to play music – using pre-loaded songs with large-font displays for the lyrics or using an app like Amazon Music or Spotify. 

Residents seem to enjoy mimicking Mindy’s arm movements – getting in a bit of light exercise while singing along to the music.

Special Events

Man standing beside Mindy; Mindy wearing BlueJays jersey, 2 staff wearing facemasks & BlueJays jerseys, with Mindy
Mindy in a large hall surrounded by seniors seated and watching her; Revera Facebook post

Above are some photos from a Saskatchewan Roughriders ‘tailgate’ party and a Toronto Blue Jays/Regina Red Sox baseball party at Revera Green Falls Landing (June 2022). We found a few versions of ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’ for Mindy to ‘sing’ and the classic “If You’re Happy and You Know it”.

Brain Games & Audio Books

With a 10″ Android tablet on it’s chest, games can provide lots of fun while helping support cognitive well-being.

When the robot is delivered to your residence, we will pre-load some games and apps to get you started. Then, using a remote management system, you can add new apps and seasonal content as desired.

Chinese older female wearing face mask. Looking at Mindy.

Simple Conversation

Mindy comes with a separate tablet that a ‘robot handler’ can use to make the robot talk, move and change facial expressions. Using the iRemoter app is very easy – so the handler can be a staff person, family member or older adults themselves.

iRemoter user guide cover with photos showing the robot, tablet and a screenshot


Video Calls

If there is an outbreak and residents are not permitted to gather in your common area, you can take Mindy to resident suites for some quality 1:1 games or a virtual video call to visit with their family or friends.

When the visit is over, simply wipe down the hard plastic exterior with a disinfecting wipe and Mindy is ready to see the next person!

Introducing Mindy’s Newest App: Chat Time

In addition to tapping phrases or typing new words into the iRemoter app (using ‘text-to-speech’) to have Mindy say what you want, we are developing a new app called: Chat Time to learn how to leverage Chat GPT for voice-enabled conversation and interactions.

Simply say: “Let’s Chat” and Mindy will let you know that the app is ready by saying: “I am here.” Then ask Mindy to ‘Make a Move’, ‘Play Trivia’ or ‘Talk to Me’.

The app was launched (in beta) at the AGE-WELL National Conference on October 24, 2023. Trivia Questions can be refreshed regularly so you can play any time and learn some new trivia facts as you go along!



Do you have ideas?

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