We are always on the look-out for new technologies that can help reduce social isolation, engage older adults and strengthen family connections. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the Claris Companion tablet/app for families! As a new Referral Partner, Social Robots is also pleased to offer a special referral discount that you can claim as a ‘gift code’ if you decide to purchase the tablet!

Designed by Claris Healthcare (a healthcare technology company based in British Columbia, Canada), the Claris Companion solution is simply brilliant! Offering peace of mind for older adults, friends and family members, their simplified tablet is powerful and can be easily customized with features that senior actually use – every day! Thousands of families already trust the Claris Companion tablet to ensure their aging loved ones are connected, entertained, and safe at home.

Why Families love Claris Companion

The typical Companion tablet user is 86 years old and living independently. Friends and family can use the free Caregivers mobile app (Android & Apple) to send and receive messages, do video calls and more.

  • No Setup or Passwords Required
  • Remotely Managed by Family
  • Optional 4G/LTE Internet (for those without WiFi at home)
  • One-touch Video Calling
  • No Spam, Scams, or Viruses

If you decide to purchase the Claris for Families tablet for your loved one(s), simply use the gift code: social to get FREE shipping on your purchase! This special offer is EXTENDED indefinitely!

Visit the Claris Companion website today!

Claris Companion logo, photo of tablet with family photo and 6 round buttons
12 round icons with text below

The web-based Family Console is easy to use. You or your family members can remotely enable any of the features, at any time. You can also invite family & friends to join your ‘group’ for free using the Caregiver mobile app. The senior can send messages, request a call or initiate a video call simply by pressing a button on the tablet.

screenshot of Claris console

For seniors with access to a secure WiFi network, the 10.5″ Claris Companion Tablet is the perfect size and speed for unlimited communication and entertainment.

For seniors without WiFi at home, the 8.7″ Claris Companion tablet includes a cellular data plan so it works anywhere right out of the box.

Each tablet costs US$299/Cdn $399 with optional monthly subscription fees depending on the plan you select.

Shipping is available to households in the US and Canada.