Our founder, Lee St James, was interviewed by Dr. Namrata Bagaria and Dr. Paul Merkley for the sixth episode of their podcast: Seniors Junction.

During the podcast, Lee shares her story about why she founded Social Robots and demonstrates some of the things that Mindy can do. Drs. Bagaria and Merkley offer their perspectives from a medical and humanities perspective and they talk about the opportunities to learn more about robots and what the future might hold.

Click this link to listen to/view the podcast on their website: https://seniorsjunction.com/episode-6

Or click the image below to watch on YouTube:

From the Podcast:

“I have a communications background. For me, I see the opportunity for Robots to help us communicate – not just with the robot but with each other”

Lee St James

About Seniors Junction:

Seniors Junction is a Burlington, Ontario based startup, formed to prevent seniors isolation, mainly by offering 8-week (one session a week) online courses, taught live, by experts, mostly retired university professors on areas in which they have done research. They believe in purposeful and learning-oriented retirement!

According to their founders: “We believe healthy ageing is a skill and it can be acquired.  We strongly support social connectedness as an intervention for healthy ageing. If socialization is a skill, we believe it must be transferrable. Hence we developed social clubs to nurture connectedness.” 

Their podcasts are available on their website and a variety of platforms. Please enjoy listening and let us know if you want to get in touch.