Have you ever considered the use of social robots in retirement living? Seasons Retirement Communities hosted a pilot study with Mindy to explore how a social robot might be used to engage, entertain, and educate residents. Click the image below to learn more!

15 minutes of training, 4 week trial, 178 recorded interactions with residents

Pilot study result, Spring 2021

On September 17th 2021, our founder, Lee St James, was the guest speaker for the latest episode of “Seasons Speaks”: The Opportunity for Social Robots in Retirement Living. Hosted by Stephanie Sanborn, Director of Education and Innovation at Seasons Retirement Communities.

Robotic pets have been used for decades to provide companionship and comfort to older adults – especially those experiencing cognitive decline or dementia. Lee gave Bandit, the Ageless Innovations cat to her mom, Pauline, during COVID but it had limited benefit as Pauline is still ‘sharp as a tack’ and wanted Lee to give the robot to someone who might appreciate it more!

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the evolution of social robots for use in retirement living and long-term care facilities. For the first time, Lee shares the results of pilot studies in spring 2021. Plus, you will hear stories of the impact that Mindy had on residents.

Thank you to everyone at Seasons Retirement Communities for your interest in Mindy. It was a pleasure for Lee to share our story on your monthly webinar!

Images of older adults having fun interacting with Mindy, the Social Robot.
Mindy brought joyful and engaging moments to the residents at Seasons Royal Oak Village!

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