Social robots can be wonderful helpers in daycares, classrooms, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retirement homes and more!

Whether you are looking for help at reception, to provide more 1:1 engagement or to help with special events by playing music or taking photos, we have solutions to meet your needs.


two photos - Left: child kneeling and pointing at Mindy's tablet with Lee watching from above; Right: Mindy on table with young girl (wearing yellow dress, long dark hair) playing Bingo on robot's tablet
Mindy in three photos from VentureLab's event
Pauline holding robotic cat she named Bandit

We offer more than just robots…

Social Robots helps you find the right technology for your needs. We believe in leveraging technology to help people connect with each other and to feel better. Improving quality of life for older adults, providing more 1:1 attention for kids in daycare and classrooms, streamlining repetitive tasks and making it easier to do whatever you want to do.

Please contact us to see how we can help.


Head Office:
St Catharines, ON Canada

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