Do robots appeal to people of all ages?

With the proliferation of robotic toys like Furby, after-school robotics programs, LEGO® robotics competitions and TV shows like BattleBots and Robot Wars, it is tempting to assume that robots are just for kids. At Social Robots, we believe that robots offer a huge learning opportunity for people young and old. Robots are truly “tech for all ages”. Our founder, Lee, enjoys introducing Mindy wherever she goes.  Our friendly humanoid robot creates smiles and curiosity at every “meet & greet”. The vast majority of people are intrigued and want to learn more. They regularly ask to take photos and selfies with our robot – which is not something people do with other portable tech like smartphones, tablets or laptop computers!
“The concept of lifelong learning has become of vital importance with the emergence of new technologies that change how we receive and gather information, collaborate with others, and communicate.” Source:

Health Elixir

Seniors who see themselves as “lifelong learners” are more likely to stay healthier. They may also find it easier to adapt to transitions such as moving into assisted living communities. According to Chartwell Retirement Residences: “…it’s never too late to start training your brain. Continuing to learn over time improves your memory and helps new brain cells to survive longer, according to Learning and Memory.” For the full article, visit: Many retirement communities now offer tech training and support where residents can learn how to use their own or shared computers, voice-enabled devices like Alexa/Echo and Google Home, iPads/tablets, etc. We wonder how long it will be before robots are added to the list of available tech training?! We encourage people to think of robots as tech for all ages, not just part of STEM training or after-school kids programs.

About the Author

Lee St James is the Founder & President of Social Robots Inc., a social connection innovator for the sandwich generation. Follow her on Twitter @leestj.